Welcome to Wurm!

PRG is proud to announce the latest addition to the PRG Community!

For the VIP tools :

Currently we have it only set to allow for a pickaxe, shovel, and hatchet.

You will not be able to trade, drop them, or store them in any sub-container in your inventory.

To create the items, all you need to do is first be VIP > 1 and have an above stated tool with a QL > 10.

Right click the item and click "Add VIP Setting". There will be a 1 minute timer for adding or removing the option from a tool. If the item is already a VIP item you will get the option to instead "Remove VIP Setting".

When an tool is converted to a VIP item it will be changed to Fantastic and given 110 Wind of Ages, 110 CoC, become 99ql, Indestructible, NoTrade, and NoDrop as well as it not being able to be moved in your inventory to any subcontainer. If you lose VIP or have more VIP tools then your VIP level allows for (if you lowered your VIP level with PRG) you will not be able to use the items, or you may need to remove the VIP setting to what is allowed by your VIP level.

The Shovel and Hatchet have no special abilities other than stated above and will behave like normal tools.

The Pickaxe on the other hand has a few nifty abilities :

QL of items will always be the max of your skill or the max of the wall / vein you are beating on (lowest of the 2).

Phantom Mode : By right clicking the VIP pickaxe you can enable Phantom Mode, this allows for mining and never depleting the vein or cave wall.

Annihilation Mode : When activated the pickaxe will one shot cave walls and veins on your deed if you are the mayor I repeat ONLY ON YOUR DEED IF YOU ARE MAYOR

More features will be added to the other tools here soon.