Primal Rage Gaming offers not only 1, 2, 3, but 4 different 7 Days to Die servers. 

The servers are named The Walking Zed X, The Walking Zed XL,  The Walking Zed Slaughterhouse,we also offer a Darkness Falls server. Each server varies in difficulty giving the player base a wide variety of game difficulty to choose from. Within each PRG server you will find hundreds of custom content created by our very own skilled developers including zombies, boss zombies, weapons, armor, ammo, stations, decorations and so much more! Even better, you wont need a mod package to access our servers. 

Each server has a great community that is friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. While in the game you will often find the PRG Staff playing alongside of you or hosting a unique event or horde night. While here you can feel confident that you will have a great experience and be void of problematic players. The staff handles each situation with ‘kitten gloves’, there is zero tolerance for racism, hate speech, and blatant toxicity. If you are ever in need of support the PRG staff team provides prompt response with top-tier knowledge and tools.

 So what are you waiting for?! Come join the chaos and awesomeness of the wide array of content the Primal Rage Gaming 7 Days To Die servers have to offer!

VIP & Store Info

If you are looking for VIP stuff click Here! 

If you are looking for the Guild Store click Here! 

Game Info

Primal Rage Gaming hosts 4 servers.

TheWalkingZed X - This is an average server meant for average players to enjoy our server.

TheWalkingZed XL - This is a stronger server for players who are above average and are seeking a challenge.

TheWalkingZed Slaughterhouse - This server is for veteran players who like a challenge. The elements might kill you.

TheWalkingZed Darkness Falls   

Direct Connect:

   X:     steam://connect/

   XL:    steam://connect/

   SH:    steam://connect/

   DF:    steam://connect/






Guild Rules

 1- Don't be toxic, period. We are a friendly family here with a healthy community.

2- If on Discord, your nickname needs to match your in-game name.

3- No Flaming in chat especially about sensitive subjects (religion/politics).

4- No Advertising/Discussing other servers or attempting player poaching.

5- If you need staff support, leaving a support ticket on Discord gets our attention the best.

6- No disrupting the game/games or chat. Toxicity and Disruption of any kind are prohibited.

7- Do not reveal information about yourself, personally. Online communities are great, but these are still "strangers".

8- Recording/Streaming without the permission of the chat/group you are in, is prohibited.

9- Keep politics/conspiracies out of gaming.

10 - Discord is 18+ age minimum.

11 - Do not @ or DM staff. If you have issues, please post a support ticket No @admins or @moderators, etc.

12 - This is a private gaming community. Any person may be removed without cause. 

PvE Rules

Do not be toxic - -This is more about how things are said, than what is said. Also, any use of vulgar words that are racist, homophobic, or religious slurs will not be tolerated. Any negative talk about the servers will not be permitted. People have invested too much time here. Arrogant, rude, and otherwise argumentative talk will not be allowed as well.

Do not build in POIs - - If you didn't build it. Do not build in it. You may build beside one as long as your land claim doesn't touch it. There is no 100-meter rule. If your claim touches it, it is subject to removal.

Do not build in reset regions - - Any land claims in reset regions will be removed. Any buildings will be wiped.

FARM is 25x25 max (625 blocks) - -This is a huge area. It's sufficient. 

Harvestable placements (Mushrooms/Trees/ore miners/turrets/traps ect.) are limited to 30 MAX per player and must be within your LCB - - If its close, admins may not remove it, but if it is a bunch, your entire area is subject to wipe. If you aren't sure, the max is 30.

Max of 5 stations per player (do not combine) - - We will never allow more than 5 of any kind of station in 1 area including  Dew collectors and forges. This is PER PLAYER and also PER LOCATION. Teams are permitted to circumvent the rule when building together ONLY if there are 50 blocks of distance between the two work rooms. Admins are required to wipe areas that they find have more than 5 forges in an area.
Dew Collectors - are considered a workbench. (max of 5)

Vehicles at your own risk - - We will not replace vehicles unless the loss is caused by a server crash. Vehicles have always been wonky. That's on the player and the creators, not us.

Do not enter bases uninvited - - Don't "explore" another player's base. You place yourself in a bannable position.

Do not build on roads - - Bases are not allowed on roads. Bases OVER roads that do not block traffic are fine. Fences and gates are not. One pillar in the middle is fine. More than one is not.

No Drop Mining - - This is where a player digs under and lets blocks above it fall. It's lazy and causes lag.

Do not build within 100 blocks of the lobby, horde base, cardinal teleports, or a trader.

NOTE: Land Claims expire in 14 days. Bases will be removed.

You can view the rules in game with chat command /rules.

In Game Stores

You will need to log in to the server first. Game hours plus zombie kills earn you currency. Use that currency at the in game store.




Nitro Boost Benefits

Server Nitro Boosters will receive a thank-you gift from the 7D team:  (Available on X - XL - SH)

5 fructosa cola 

10 Antibiotics

10 pho 

5 learning elixir 

5 large First aid  kits 

Level 6 Chainsaw 

5k gas 

VIP additional perks: 

VIP1: One VIP tool token while boosting server ($8 value) 

VIP2: One VIP tool token while boosting server ($8 value) 

VIP3: One VIP tool token while boosting server +15 medkits 

VIP4: One additional VIP tool token while boosting server +30 medkits 

Plus, you get all the perks of being a Nitro subscriber! Information found here:

*Once patron is no longer subscribed, VIP tool tokens will be relinquished upon request. All other terms of VIP still apply (not lending out VIP items, etc...) Please submit a support ticket once you have boosted the server and items will be given once verified.

Mod Info

Our mods are a combination of the brilliant coders of 7 Days to Die plus our development group. We lay no claim to the work of others. 

PRG will not create volumes or guides for our mod. It is intended to be enjoyed by learning it while at play. Given the nature of a constantly changing mod, it is not the greatest idea to lay out full documentation (of a moving target).

Fix issues with your game

Here is what my research has come up with from the web on things to try. Now I run a beast computer so unless my app data is full of junk I do great.

Step 1 – 7 Days To Die FPS Fix – Turn Off Dynamic Mesh

Since the A20 update, TFP added the option to customize the Dynamic Mesh. Go to “Options”, then “Video”, then in the top right tab, you will see “Dynamic Mesh Options” Disable this by clicking on the left arrow till the option says “No”. The rest of the options don’t matter once the Dynamic Mesh is turned off.

7 Days To Die FPS Fix

Step 2 – 7 Days To Die FPS Fix – Video Setting Options

When in the game menu, select “Options” then “Video” and apply these settings below:

    Turn off “V-Sync”, “Reflection Quality”, and “Motion Blur”.

    Uncheck “Reflected Shadows”, “SSAO”, “DOF”, and “Sun Shafts”.

    You can keep “Texture Quality” to “Full Size” and “Water Quality” to “High” if You want to.

    Change “UMA Texture Quality” and “Tree Quality” to “Middle”.

    Change “View Distance” to “10”, “Field of View” to “70”, and “LOD Distance” to “50%”.

    Keep “Gamma” at “75%”, but change the “Water Particles” to “25% “.

7 Days To Die FPS Fix – In-Game Console Fix

Next step to fixing your 7 Days To Die FPS problems involves you being in-game. Once you are in the game, press F1 to open the console and type in this command then press enter.

    gfx pp enable 0 (This Disable post-processing for fps gain)  which is the in game command we created /gfx 

If all else fails, try these options:

Open steam. Click 7 days to die. Click play. Select Show Game Launcher.

With the launcher open, click the Tools tab:
Then Click Clean game data...

Select all of the boxes and then click clean. Keep in mind this will delete any local saves you have, so if there is a very important local save, you will want to google the steps on how to zip and save it elsewhere before you clean up your game. Once done, this fixes most issues.

Game Commands

(Commands for X, XL, SH)

/commands - This gives you common commands.

/day7 - Tells you the amount of zombies and fps.

/help - Every command (will chat flood).

/discord - Gives discord link.

/website -  Gives this site link.

/rules - Gives basic rules.

/vip - Gives basic VIP info.

/map - Map links.

/gimme - Get a random item.

/hunt - Spawns animals to hunt. Do this daily.

/lobby - Takes your player to our lobby.

/horde - Takes your player to our horde base. (X and XL only)

/north - Teleport. (X, XL, and Slaughterhouse only)

/east - Teleport. (X, XL, and Slaughterhouse only)

/south - Teleport. (X, XL, and Slaughterhouse only)

/west - Teleport. (X, XL, and Slaughterhouse only)

/helptele - Help with teleports.

/bed - Teleport to your bed roll (instant, even when the bot is down).

/tpf - Teleport to a friend. Uses a "Like Name" system. Joe Brown can be: /tpf Joe or /tpf Brown.

/settele - Set a tele.

/deltele - Remove a tele.

/listtele - List your teles.

/teleprivate - set tele as private

/telepublic - set tele as public

/debuff - VIP command to remove several debuffs.

/lounge - VIP command to get to the VIP Lounge.

/patron - VIP command to get daily pack.

/helpshop - Gives info on the guild in game shop.

/gyro - Pull your gyro to you.

/4x4 - Pull your 4x4 to you.

/motorcycle - Pull your motorcycle to you.

/bicycle - Pull your bicycle to you.

/vote - Vote rewards.

Advanced Claim Commands

While Players can't place Advanced Claims, they can interact with Advanced Claims that were created and assigned to them in order to manage the whitelist for the claim. With most advanced claim types, any player not on the whitelist is typically not able to enter, unless they are added to the whitelist. Similarly, anyone inside a Reversed claim region can't leave unless they are whitelisted, and players on the whitelist for an Open Hours claim can enter the region off-hours.

/acf <playername>

Adds the specified player to the whitelist for your advanced claim(s).

/lcf <playername>

Lists all players whitelisted for your advanced claim(s).

/rcf <playername>

Removes the specified player from the whitelist for your advanced claim(s).


Adds all ingame friends to the whitelist for your advanced claim(s).


Removes all ingame friends from the whitelist for your advanced claim(s).