“What will you do, Exile, when there is nothing left... but to live, or die!” 

- Conan

Come play Conan PRG Style!  We host a fun and interactive server that not only hosts several popular mods but also has unique content that won’t be found on other servers.  We offer custom Vendors, Arenas, and  Quests that will make the game more engaging than ever before!  Our active Admins are always hosting fun events, so come join the community and live your Conan life to the fullest.  Conan gave you a choice Exile, what will you choose?

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Game Information                              
Exiled Lands: PRG-Season of the Dragon- EL/AOC/EEWA/VAM-LVL 600
IP: Port: 7896
Link: steam://connect/

Mod List

Exiled Lands


Guild Rules

1- Don't be toxic, period. We are a friendly family here with a healthy community.

2- If on Discord, your nickname needs to match your in-game name.

3- No Flaming in chat especially about sensitive subjects (religion/politics).

4- No Advertising/Discussing other servers or attempting player poaching.

5- If you need staff support, leaving a support ticket on Discord gets our attention the best.

6- No disrupting the game/games or chat. Toxicity and Disruption of any kind are prohibited.

7- Do not reveal information about yourself, personally. Online communities are great, but these are still "strangers".

8- Recording/Streaming without the permission of the chat/group you are in, is prohibited.

9- Keep politics/conspiracies out of gaming.

10- Discord is 18+ age minimum.

11- Do not @ or DM staff. If you have issues, please post a support ticket No @admins or @moderators, etc.

12- This is a private gaming community. Any person may be removed without cause. 

Game Rules (PVE)

Game Rules (PVP)


Upon reaching level 600, players may choose to Ascend (EEWA) or Oroboros (VAM). Doing so will reset the player's attributes, knowledge and level (to 1), with the exception of any feats learned out in the world. As a reward, the player will receive Gold Mints that can be redeemed at the Ascension/Oroboros vendor at Market in exchange for additional Professions, Factions, Sub-factions, Home Teleports, Gems and other unlocks!

An admin is no longer required to be present and players can Ascend/Oroboros whenever they would like, as many times as they would like. 

Building Rules

Players will be considered “Inactive” after 4 weeks.

Bases/players that are inactive will be wiped and characters deleted by Admin. To avoid becoming inactive please ensure at least one person in your clan is actively signing into the server.  In extenuating circumstances where you may be inactive for over 4 weeks and wish to keep your current base/char upon return please contact an Admin for Pre-Approval.   

When requesting to be inactive (over 4 weeks) you will be asked when you plan to return, you will be given a VAC rank that will notify admins of your status. Keep in mind your VAC tag will be removed once the date has passed. You must either return to the game prior to your return date or notify an Admin if you need an extension or risk your buildings/character being deleted.

All clans and solo players are allowed one main base. You are only allowed a 3,000 tile count for a solo player and for each additional clan mate can have an additional tile addon of 1,000 tiles, with a max of only 6,000.

Please build with common sense in regard to the size necessary for your clan.

Contact staff for a tile count or type /heatmap.

No building in the Savannah, due potential lag issues with the new raid base

You are only allowed TWO Wheels of pain of any type for each clan or solo player.

Foundations are NOT allowed to be STACKED. If you need to do this, please contact a mod or admin for approval. This is for minimizing the lag across the server to give you as a player a better experience.

DO NOT place land claims in or around boss spawns/chests, caves, major points of interest, or big/rare resource spawns!

Map rooms are not allowed on the server for individual players/clans.

You are only allowed 3 Transportory Stones per clan.

Due to the impact on performance, each player/clan is allowed;

- 5 forges 

- 5 of each Fish Trap

- 5 of each Shellfish trap

- 2 Fishing Platforms

- 5 Beehives  

- 5 Compost heaps 

- 2 Stables

- 1 Rabbit pen

- 1 Silkworm habitat

- 2 large Animal Pens
- 3 Rocknose Pens

Per base, if you are not sure about this, please contact staff!

Nitro Boost Benefits

Server Nitro Boosters Server Nitro Boosters will receive a thank-you gift from the Conan team

Kit available every 6 Hours

1 Gold Coin

2 Stormcaller's Breathing Potion

2 Mystical Healing Potion

2 Mystical Potion

2 Night-Eye Potion

2 Hunter's Potion

2 Fish Gill Potion

1 Gold-Vein Rocknose (Pet) 25% Chance!

Plus, you get all the perks of being a Nitro subscriber! Information found here: https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/articles/360028038352-Server-Boosting-#h_87712e86-507d-4b63-80a0-fd2c2a21f6c4


Restarts are every 6 hours and occur at 12am/6am/12pm/6pm CST. 
This schedule is subject to the performance of the server. 

The following guides pertain to what we have found on mods so far

EEWA Guides

Weapons, Sorcery & Crafting:

Armor Sets:


EEWA Systems:


AOC Guides

Thralls and Pets:




Gameplay Guide:

Quest Guide:

Thrall Locations (interactive map) - EL

VAM Guide

Pythagoras Expanded Building Guide




You're always free to submit a help ticket if you need a hand!! These are some helpful tips and tricks to hopefully ease your connection to the server if you are having any issues. If you are having trouble with mods for any reason, you can go into your Steam workshop files and unsubscribe to all mods. 

To play it safe and ensure all mods are deleted, you can go into your Steam folder and go to steamapps/workshop/content/440900 440900 is Conan's Steamapp ID and all mods you have downloaded are in that folder, you can delete all of these and start fresh. 


/list players
/list clans
/list admins
/list warps
/warp <warpname>
/pay <amount> <type>
/tpr or /tprequest <playername>
/tpa or /tpaccept