Welcome to the new home of our ARK servers!!!

Survival at it's oldest and finest. What better to survive against than the once upon a time real thing! Our server hosts 13 maps! If you are looking for a challenging yet fun experience then come join us on our journey of evolution!

VIP & Store Info

If you are looking for VIP stuff click Here!

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Game Info and Direct Connect

Primal Rage Gaming hosts 3 Cluster servers.

PRG-Island PvE/Active Staff/4x XP 4xH 8xT

Connect: steam://connect/ark.primalragegaming.net:27002

PRG-Ragnarok PvE/Active Staff/4x XP 4xH 8xT

Connect: steam://connect/ark.primalragegaming.net:27006

PRG-Center PvE/Active Staff/4x XP 4xH 8xT

Connect: steam://connect/ark.primalragegaming.net:27010

PRG-Event Map PvE/Active Staff/4x XP 4xH 8xT

Connect: steam://connect/ark.primalragegaming.net:27014

PRG-Aberration PvE/Active Staff/4x XP 4xH 8xT

Connect: steam://connect/ark.primalragegaming.net:27018

PRG-Genesis 1 PvE/Active Staff/4x XP 4xH 8xT

Connect: steam://connect/ark.primalragegaming.net:27022

PRG-Scorched Earth PvE/Active Staff/4x XP 4xH 8xT

Connect: steam://connect/ark.primalragegaming.net:27026

PRG-Valguero PvE/Active Staff/4x XP 4xH 8xT

Connect: steam://connect/ark.primalragegaming.net:27030

PRG-Genesis 2 PvE/Active Staff/4x XP 4xH 8xT

Connect: steam://connect/ark.primalragegaming.net:27034

PRG-Lost Island PVE/Active Staff/4xHP 4xH 8xT

Connect: steam://connect/ark.primalragegaming.net:27038

PRG-Crystal Isles PvE/Active Staff/4x XP 4xH 8xT

Connect: steam://connect/ark.primalragegaming.net:27042

PRG-Extinction PvE/Active Staff/4x XP 4xH 8xT

Connect: steam://connect/ark.primalragegaming.net:27046

PRG-Fjordur PvE/Active Staff/4x XP 4xH 8xT

Connect: steam://connect/ark.primalragegaming.net:27050


Guild Rules

1- Don't be toxic, period. We are a friendly family here with a healthy community.

2- If on Discord, your nickname needs to match your in-game name.

3- No Flaming in chat especially about sensitive subjects (religion/politics).

4- No Advertising/Discussing other servers or attempting player poaching.

5- If you need staff support, leaving a support ticket on Discord gets our attention the best.

6- No disrupting the game/games or chat. Toxicity and Disruption of any kind are prohibited.

7- Do not reveal information about yourself, personally. Online communities are great, but these are still "strangers".

8- Recording/Streaming without the permission of the chat/group you are in, is prohibited.

9- Keep politics/conspiracies out of gaming.

10 - Discord is 18+ age minimum.

11 - Do not @ or DM staff. If you have issues, please post a support ticket No @admins or @moderators, etc.

12 - This is a private gaming community. Any person may be removed without cause.

PvE Rules (Subject to change)

1. Don't be a dick.

2. No pillaring all over the map to prevent others from building.

3. No dinos left on aggressive wander or they will be terminated.

4. No building on massive resource locations (5 or more nodes in a location).

5. No building to prevent people from getting to artifacts or blocking large cave systems and no teleporters inside caves that would get you closer to nests or loot drops.

6. No auto-breeding allowed ( leaving your male breeder on after logging out. Make sure to turn it off).

7. No kiting Dinos to people's bases.

8. You are allowed two bases per tribe per map. One base can be 80x80 foundations and the other is a 30x30. You may have 2 mobile base, but need to be parked near your other two bases. You are allowed traps, but clean then up after use. Do not let them sit there.

9. Do not build bases within 60 foundations of any other base unless temporary or you spoke with owner of the other base. Use common sense here. Some people don't like neighbors!

10. This is an English speaking community if you need to speak in another language please use tribe, alliance or local chat.

11. You may only build in cave systems that do not have a artifact or boss inside it. Do not place teleporters inside those cave systems. If this cave system has multiple resources inside please contact admin to make sure it's okay to build inside. Other wise do not block resource rich caves.

12. Admin will not be involved in tribal issues. You should sort it out yourself or part ways with the tribe.

13. Admin will not replace lost items or dinos unless caused by PRG. For example if we were to restart the servers with no warning and your dino's died bc of it then we would replace them.

14. No floating bases. all bases must be attached to the ground or a ledge of some sort. Any base found to be floating in the air may be deleted if we cannot reach you first.

15. As much as we want to help our neighbors out, do not give out high level tames to players unless neutered or you are selling the dino. I think we all know the difference between a OP dino and one that just get's someone by. Along with this rule do not give out high level items to players that normally couldn't get it on their own. Rule 15 is to help with not getting everything handed to you and allow you to actually play the game the way its intended.

16. Do not build structures to block off any land bridges, paths or water ways they might block someone on land or water from traveling through.

In Game Stores

To access the game store hit F2 while in game. Currency is passively added to your account as you are online and playing.

To obtain Discord Perks submit a ticket in discord requesting permissions and a mod/admin will assist you.

How to Obtain your VIP Package

Open a support ticket and request your VIP Package. We will need to know which server your currently playing on, and one of our helpful team members will address it ASAP. Once the command has been issued, you will be able to recover your package via the "F2" key in game, then selecting the proper package for your donation. You will also receive a stack of coins in your inventory. Right click on the coins and consume them to add the credits to your in-game shop bank. When you go to purchase your VIP package MAKE SURE YOU ARE NEAR A STORAGE UNIT AS THE PACKAGE WILL MAX OUT YOUR WEIGHT . VIP is only available on one server, everything can be transferred. Items will be replaced on a case by case basis.

Join our Discord!

Come join the PRG community!

Discord is our main mode of communication. Our discord is super busy and can be intimidating, so we wrote this page to assist you.

The top category set will include Welcome (Rules/Infos) / Announcements (News) / Support and other important information.

Support-Ticket Category is where you go for support tickets. Just follow its instructions.

Lastly, the games will have a chat and an info channel. The info channel is your quick access to information about your game.

The Ark team has also put together a special in game reward for people a part of the discord!

1000 MX-E Credits (In-Game Currency)

2x HD Taming sedatives

1x Bunk Bed

4x Soul Traps

Nitro Boost Benefits

Server Nitro Boosters will receive a thank you gift from the Ark team:

Want more awesome benefits in ARK: Survival Evolved. Well your in luck.

Discord Nitro Boosters get the following, great, additional perks:

If you are a Nitro Booster open a support ticket and request your Nitro Booster Perks!

- The Perks are only available on your primary played server that you choose -

1 S+ Power Generator

1 S+ Power Cable Vertical

1 S+ Power Outlet

1 S+ Refrigerator

100 Gasoline

25 Cooked Lamb Chop

5000 MX Credits

Plus, you get all the perks of being a Nitro subscriber! Information found here: https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/articles/360028038352-Server-Boosting-#h_87712e86-507d-4b63-80a0-fd2c2a21f6c4

Once you receive your Nitro Booster role in-game, you can press F2, go to the Perks category and select your Nitro Package. Once you have done that, you then can purchase the package on the right side. Make sure you have enough space in your inventory, and the ability to carry the weight or be next to a storage unit before purchasing your Nitro Booster rewards package.

Best Practices to join our server

1) Unsubscribe from all the Ark mods that you may be subscribed to by going to:


2) Navigate to our Workshop Mod Collection for Primal Rage Gaming by going to:


3) Press the button "+ Subscribe to all"

4) Wait for all the mods to download in your Steam

5) Once all the mods have downloaded, load the game

6) Select "Join Ark"

7) In the bottom left, where it says "SESSION FILTER: click on the drop down box and select "UNOFFICAL"

8) At the top of the window where it says "NAME FILTER:" type in "PRG" and let the list load.

9) Once loaded, select which server you wish to join.

10) After selecting which server you wish to play, click the "Join" button. All servers are the same difficulty, just different maps.

11) Sit back and let the game load, The mods will take anywhere from 3 to 6+ minutes or longer to load (Depending on your computer hardware) Once its loaded, you will now be in-game! Enjoy and welcome to PRG Eternal Cluster

Vote for Rewards

This is a work in progress! We will come up with some great rewards soon!

How to use

1) Select the proper voting link to the server your playing on

2) Click the Vote Button in the top left corner of the page

3) Log into steam via redirected page to confirm who you are

4) Vote for the server --- Now In-game recovery of voter rewards

5) Press F2 to load up the shop page

6) in the top right of the window that pop's up click on "Claim vote reward"

7) This will give you 1000 Shop Credits and the Valued Voter Role

8) Now that you have the Valued Voter reward, you can go to the "Voter Rewards" category and buy the Voter Rewards Package which gives you all items listed above.

Voting is allowed every 24 hours